Welcome to the Magnolia Landing Blog! First, we want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to stop by. Ty and I are very excited and humbled to have this opportunity in our lives. The sheer joy of it all is overwhelming, especially when I envision the women as they first walk thru the doors to be greeted with love and grace.

To be perfectly honest, I have put this whole “blog writing” on the back burner. How on earth could we put a project that is so close to our heart; an experience that is rarely spoken about without the shedding of tears, on paper? Would we be able to put the words to what we have and continue to experience as individuals as well as a family so that others may, not just understand, but actually come to know how and why we are here.

I’ve learned, that sharing our hearts is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to others, and listening to our hearts is one of greatest gifts we give to ourselves.

This blog is where we will share our hearts. It is where you will witness where fear, doubt, and distrust succumbed to perseverance, grace, and dignity. It is where we hope you get to know our hearts, who we are, and how we got to this place. We hope that you in turn, share your own stories with us in the comments below. I believe that each of us has within ourselves the ability to heal others in ways we don’t always comprehend.

I am quite confident that someone who is reading this has shared his or her heart in a way that has brought healing and hope to our lives. I am certain of it.

Ty & Dana Taylor - Founders Mangolian Landing for Women
Ty & Dana Taylor – Founders

So, here we are. Two individuals who took a leap of faith…a really big leap of faith and dared to trust. The most beautiful and humbling part of it all, was that we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams where that leap would take us. Our hope is that as we share our story, and as Magnolia Landing shares her story you will see the absolute wonder of it all, and understand how we knew this was the place “where healing calls home.”

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