I certainly hope my lack of posting has not caused any thought of a loss of momentum in Magnolia Landing. The fact is, we are so busy in the planning, hiring, and construction that I find myself wondering where the day has gone. There have been many nights I sit here and start a post, and wonder, “where do I start?”

So many exciting things are happening…and so many things and PEOPLE are coming together that often times I am at a loss for words; and for anyone who knows me knows that is a rarity.

Where do I start? This winter has been a crazy southern winter for sure. Two ice storms, and more rain than I care to have seen while in the midst of major construction. I keep telling myself, and Ty reminds me, there is a reason for some of the construction delays we have experienced, even if we don’t get the “why.”

There are moments in life that we cannot explain. No matter how we may have it planned out in our head or precisely outlined it on paper, there is just more to it than we can comprehend. That’s when the magic happens, IF we allow it to.

Two months ago you could not have convinced me that cutting a house into thirds from roof to floor and raising it section by section was the smartest thing to do. However, WAS the right thing to do, and what HAD to be done. This house continues to teach me. While I have had moments (and I use that term loosely) of impatience, I sit back and look at this house and ache for her as I have watched her patiently take on mother nature….wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Then construction alone….to simply withstand and “keep it together” as she is jacked up and supported by steel beams and railroad ties. Here are a few photos of the construction.

We got to the point where the whole house had been raised. The engineers and surveyors came out for elevation checks and we had to take the house up even higher. I will admit, the process was beginning to take much longer than any of us had projected. All I could think was how strange this house would look even higher off the ground…..

Then today, I stood in front of her after she had been lifted to exactly where she needs to be…..and I fell in love with her once again.



Although she is standing there being supported, she seemed to not look as lost and alone, as she did on the first day we saw her….she’s being supported and standing a little taller…and then she will be standing all on her own….persevering and standing with grace and dignity; much like the women who will walk thru her doors.

So, yes, I am beginning to see just how perfect timing is in all of this.




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