First off, as you can tell by the picture above, the house is STILL under construction, and only the center section of the house has been put down on the new foundation. We are hopeful the foundational support of the two wings will be ready to have the whole house down this week. Then the real fun begins and changes will be more dramatic week to week.  The plan is to be ready for clients in September. We will for sure keep everyone posted.

Dignity & Grace

Y’all….sometimes there are just those days.  If you had shown up last weekend to The Cottage at Magnolia Landing, you would have thought this woman had gone pure mad.

We had prior obligations for Saturday morning, so it was a late start getting down to The Cottage. Ty and I packed the kids up and headed down with our Lowe’s list, the lawn mower, chainsaw and our “have to do” list. The ‘honey do’s” left us a while ago, and I am sure they may become the, “why haven’t you?” lists.

Half of the day was shot before we got there, so we unpacked everything, got the kids settled, and I hurried out to hop on the lawn mower. Well, I got the lawn mowed to the main house  (pictured above) and 1/2 of The Cottage complete, when the clouds started rolling in. Now I LOVE to watch a storm come over the water. You can see the rain before it hits. It is beautiful.


I enjoy it more when I am not sitting on a big ol’ lawn mower and have the time to sit and take it all in.  I put that mower in high gear and said the heck with it, a little rain is not going to stop this woman.  I had a plan in place, a list to complete and come hail or high water it was going to get done. I’m pretty sure I lost some dignity at this point. It started to rain, and I mean RAIN. I kept right on going, thunder and lightening and all. I mean really, if you have head phones on and the music is turned up so loud you don’t hear the thunder, then is it really thundering?

I’m cruising along, when I see a boat pull up to the dock. I drove on over, and those folks had enough sense to stop what they were doing and seek shelter. They asked if they could dock there until the storm passed. We helped them get their boat tied up and had them come in for shelter.

I passed the mirror and looked at myself. I looked like a drowned rat. Soaked from head to toe…water literally sloshing around in my shoes. I stepped into the kitchen to grab some water for the boaters when my daughter walked in.  She stopped and stared right at me and said, “Mama! Look at you!” I responded with, “I know, I am a mess. A filthy, wet mess.” She replied, “No, you are beautiful.”

And that’s when I found grace.

In the hustle and bustle of all of this, sometimes we forget to stop, take a step back and see the big picture. I admit I look at that house and question if it will EVER be finished. I know it will, and it is not until you take a step back and realize all that had to be done to get where she is now that you start to celebrate her progress to this point.

Later that night I asked my daughter what it was that made her say I was beautiful. In her simple little voice, she said, “Because you were helping those people stay dry.”

So, people may ask why it is that Ty and decided to open Magnolia Landing. The reasons are many, but a major, determining factor was what it would teach our children. They hear us talk about living a life of giving service, but how could we really show them?

This past year has been one of many sacrifices. Often times it was sacrifices they never asked for. They have been troopers, as they sleep on air mattresses on the weekends when we clear out the therapist’s office, that becomes their bedroom for the weekend. We wanted them to see what it takes to fulfill a dream.


They need to see their mother soaking wet from working in the pouring rain, and their father covered in dirt from helping the foundation crew complete their work. They need to pick up limbs after we trim the shrubs back, and help paint a wall or two. You see, children are filled with grace, but dignity comes from someone believing they can achieve great things.

Ty and I realize this post is personal. But this work is personal. Magnolia Landing is personal, and each woman who enters our doors will be treated that way. Our hope is that day is not too far off.  We are grateful for the patience that has been shown to us as we prepare to open our doors and look forward to helping women find healing thru perseverance, grace and dignity.

With Gratitude,

Dana and Ty Taylor


Magnolia Landing provides a serene setting for women transitioning from primary addiction and trauma treatment into a graceful, new life.

Our mission is to nurture a loving and compassionate environment where women embrace and trust their inner strength; experience and share grace, and find the beauty in standing with dignity, as they know their worth.


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