12 Step Program - Magnolia Landing for Women12 Step Work provided by Magnolia Landing

12 step programAt Magnolia Landing we are invested in supporting the clinically intensive therapy women have engaged in prior to entering our doors. We also believe in an approach to recovery utilizing a 12 step program grounded in principles that promote fellowship, service work, the development of a healthy self and connectedness to a Higher Power.

We recognize that women internalize their addictions differently than men. Being sensitive to our female clients is of utmost importance. To help with this, we utilize Dr. Stephanie Covington’s Ph.D., L.C.S.W. A Woman’s Way Through the 12 Steps. Dr. Covington draws attention to women and how recovery raises special issues for them. This specialized workbook allows women to address sexuality, relationships, powerlessness and trauma.

In addition to the work our clients will complete thru this curriculum, they attend weekly local and in-house 12 step meetings. These meetings become a source of safety, fellowship and service. As they regularly attend meetings, it is our hope they grasp the power these meetings will be in their lives as they transition towards living an independent life in recovery.